Excerpt from Corn Rose




Jack pulled Rose up off the swing and gave her a look that she knew
meant, Let’s go to bed. Rose tugged on his arm, trying to change his train of
“Let’s take a walk around the place before turning in. It’s a beautiful
Rose pulled Jack down the steps and started to run, laughing and
twirling, coaxing him to follow. The fragrant spring air and moonlight had
an intoxicating effect on her. He caught up easily, his long strides making
two of hers. As he grabbed her hand, she stumbled and fell, bringing Jack
down with her, both laughing as they tumbled to the ground near a lovely
willow tree. They lay under the tree for awhile, away from the farm house
and its lights. Rose noticed how cozy it all looked, lanterns softly glowing
through lace curtains. If only the people inside were as inviting, she thought.
The moon cast a silvery glow on her face. “You look so pretty in the
moonlight,” Jack said, tracing her face with a finger as he positioned himself
above her. His simple way of expressing things was one of the things Rose
found most endearing about Jack.

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