Supper or Dinner


When did supper become dinner, dinner become supper? Dinner became lunch or brunch, if in the am hours?

And, what about mid afternoon…shall we call it lupper…lunch and supper?

When my grand kids come for a visit, I’ll ask, “What did you have for dinner?”  They’ll reply…”You mean lunch…we haven’t had dinner yet, Granny!”  “Yes you have!” I say.

Somehow, I cannot get used to, “Let’s go out to dinner!” Which means, to my kids, and their generation… supper?

What’s wrong with, supper?

After all, wasn’t the greatest meal on record—in history called, The Last Supper?

I guess I can accept the lunch idea. We did take our lunch buckets to school or lunch sacks, as I recall.

I know schools call the cavernous area in which students eat, the lunch room.

Having a Thanksgiving or Christmas lunch, doesn’t sound right either.

Don’t we always refer to these festive banquets as, Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner?

If it were lunch it would seem to mean the leftovers, wouldn’t it?

And, what about, Supper Clubs? Those were fancy places when I was younger. They did serve supper—right?

When I looked up the word Supper, it said…

1. Evening meal

2. Main evening meal

3. An evening social event.

When I looked up Dinner, it said… Main meal of the day!

Well, it did say it could be early afternoon.

Maybe it’s my country roots, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with, Supper!


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