They Did and Still Do

My sis and her husband are celebrating their thirty-ninth anniversary today.

old photograps 008

Don’t they look cute and innocent?

I think they look twelve….

I’ve never seen a bow tie that humongous since.

Don’t let that lace and innocent smile on my sister’s face fool you, she’s a spit-fire!

They are my favorite couple in the whole… wide world.

I always tease Eileen, my sis, that she got the pick of the litter! In country folks speak, that means the best of the clan, the siblings…you get the idea.

Randy, my brother-in-law is the most tough, gentle, helpful, and patient man I know. And I simply love his laugh. I love to go to a silly movie or watch that, 70s’ Show with him…just to hear him laugh!

When I make the long trek to Iowa for what could be a short weekend or several days, Randy makes me feel at home, and not in the way! And he graciously carries my luggage for me. ¬†Randy’s a hard worker, and would do anything for my sis and his family…well, almost anything….

They have to let me stay…I know too many good stories about them.

They have been a model to their children as to what good parents should be, and the rest of us for longevity in a relationship.




Don’t get me wrong… they’re not perfect, but who’d want a perfect set of parents or friends, anyway.

As a big sis, I’ve watched the two of them grow from lovesick teenagers, to what you are now…lovesick grandparents.

So… here’s to you my dear sister and brother-in-law. May you reign for thirty-nine more years.

old photograps 011

Love you, KRE

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