Smiling In The Sun And Lunch Pails

old photograps 003

I came across this picture the other day when I was going through my mother’s memorabilia.

The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that whenever mom wanted a photo of us kids, she would always make us pose, facing the sun, for what seemed like an eternity.

We would complain through clenched teeth. “Would ya’ hurry up, mom, we can’t see!” Aiming her Brownie Box camera, she’d say, “Just keep smiling!”

The second thing I noticed was the lunch pails/boxes/buckets.

It was always exciting to get a new one every fall. Displayed on the lid and sides would be our favorite heroes or comic strip characters with… a matching thermos. I think… my brother, Stan’s, had Davy Crockett or Daniel Boone on his, and I had some Disney something on mine.

Superman-Lunch-Box-lunch-boxes-3393992-469-442 24582ecee03898363da7940d21bd841d 1950s-mickey-mouse-donald-duck-300x225

And then, there were those unfortunate children who had to carry the plain… black… humped-lid lunch buckets. Oh…the shame!

But, I digress….

I can still hear the clank and clatter of that lunch pail against my thigh as I walked to school.

How cool were we?

It was always a treat to open that metal lid, and behold the surprise that was… our lunch.

Our mom was pretty uptown with her culinary school cuisine. Let’s just say… she was innovative.

Sometimes, we’d have baloney sandwiches, fried hot dogs, tuna, or leftover meat loaf, and of course… those little bags of Sterzing’s chips, with a banana or apple thrown in, for health sake.

The highlight was either snowball cakes, Hostess Cupcakes, and maybe even… a Twinkie!

Forget the homemade cookies; they couldn’t hold a candle to those store-bought delicacies.

When lids were all opened, and our little eyes surveyed the contents, there would be a chorus of voices either singing the praises of the lunch box or somber harrumphs of disappointment in that day’s meal.

I can still smell the aroma of that lunch box when I got home, and had to clean it out. It smelled like ripe bananas, dill pickles and waxed paper. In fact the banana peel was usually stuck to the lid or my thermos, and everything else was a slimy mess.

Don’t ask me why I remember these things…I just do.


Lunch box images from internet

2 thoughts on “Smiling In The Sun And Lunch Pails

  1. You must have been a really cool kid or I was much poorer than I knew. We seldom got to take our own lunch – had to eat school lunches, which were much better back in those days. When we did get to take our lunch it was in a brown bag! I always envied those kids with the lunch boxes. Your mom was cool!


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