Things Remembered


Once in a while my mind wonders back to a simpler time, and I’ll think of the silliest things.

For instance, out of the blue, the other morning I thought of my grandmother’s bloomers, and how when they hung on the wash line, for God and everyone to see, they reminded me of billowy sails. Actually they seemed generous enough to sail the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria!

Then my mind began to think of other random memories.


The way my grandfather would pour his coffee into the saucer under the cup, so the freshly brewed liquid would cool enough to take a sip.

My mother’s coffee tin under the sink that held bacon drippings, to be used for such delicacies as fried cabbage, green bean, and oh yeah, fried potatoes. Everything tasted better when cooked with the flavor of bacon.

Instead of an Advent calendar, we cut out dolls from the Sears & Roebuck Christmas catalog—twenty five in all. We’d string them, and then hang the dangling dollies across a door way or above our beds. One was pulled off every night before we went to sleep.

My grandparents, Dad’s folks, would bury cured hams in the oats bin to keep them dry and secure until they needed them. It would be the job of the grandkids to search and find the precious stash. It was fun jumping in the dry oats and digging around until… eureka… there it was…all brown and hard and salty. It was like digging for buried treasure.
IMG_20131106_092908_844Darning socks…who does that anymore? My mom sure did. After she’d close the sock wound, it always left a scar like ridge, which would ultimately give me a blister if it happened to be at the toe or heel. I decided, I’d rather have my toe stick out.

Bible School was something I looked forward to. Seeing old friends in a different setting and hoping I’d get to sit near that certain someone during Sister Roth’s flannel graph lessons, had me in such a state of anticipation that my mind was hardly on the spiritual… as it should have been. Mom’s tuna fish sandwiches topped with dill pickle and Sterzing’s chips was my favorite bagged lunch. We’d all sit under a big Elm tree and enjoy our sack lunches and each other’s company. It was after one of those Bible school summers that I was baptized in the river by our pastor.


Summer break from school was anything but a break. As country kids we helped our parents with farm and garden work. The reward in July was going to the county fair. We saved all summer, anxiously waiting for its arrival. Girlie shows, freak acts, carnival rides, cotton candy, stuffed animals and carnie hucksters made up the menagerie that was the fair. The guys that were too young to enter the adult peep shows, but that didn’t detour them from catching a peak around the back, in an existing tear in the canvas or one they made themselves. All we girls wanted were giant teddy bears that proved our boyfriends really cared.

Memories can be sweet daydreams of the past or what might happen in the future. One thing’s for sure, they make up who we are, and what we pass on to our children.

Do a little daydreaming today.


One thought on “Things Remembered

  1. Yep, interesting as we have shared before, how each of us kids grew up with a different set of parents because of our age. I suppose there are other families like that…

    Some of my daydreaming memories would be the great chicken massacre that would take place every so often at home. Why did mom and dad always do it after the first snow??Go ahead you can picture this in your own mind! Yea…wish I did have a picture. Then picture this, with both kitchen sinks full of blood and guts, buckets on the floor with cleaned chicken parts, feathers here and there. Dad would come in after his part of the job was completed (pulling the heads off) and a nice pleasant demand tone…suggest fried chicken for LUNCH!!! Are you kidding me!?!? Of course our mother would start that process next right after her last gutting ….omgosh…I just wanted to scream sometimes. But now years later, omgosh what I wouldn’t give to fry that fresh barn lot chicken tonight for dinner!!!!

    Then there was the every Saturday morning, when mom would wake me up “early” and announce that she was off to town and would proceed to share my “to do list”!.. which was known to be completed BEFORE she returned home. So the search was on to find that dust rag that seemed to be the only one that could be used…looking back, that darn rag had to have more dust on it then I ever picked up with it. Then the push/pull of the vacuum sweeper that had seen better days as well. But I always had that sense of satisfaction by noon…only to complete the final “to do” and that was to fix lunch for anyone that would be there. When mom would return, you’d hear that horn start to sing about 1/2 mile from home, so you knew you’d better be out on the drive way to help carry all those bags that represented every coupon, every sale and the next several weeks of food for our table!

    Sis, you summed it up well, it was those events through-out our up bringing that molded us into who we are today. Absolutely, we all learned at a very early age several values, believe in God, you don’t not sass back, do what you are told, do it NOW not later, cook, clean, work hard, respect your elders, trust most, protect/fight for your country as well your brother and sister! Hind site is always 20/20… our parents were different as we all grew up, but they never strayed from their main values…never…ever!!! Our thanks be to God and our parents!


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