Small Town USA and Halloween

I took a walk this, morning on the bike path, in our town. I live in the country, but love to make the short trip to get a good walk in, several times a week.



I  enjoy the beauty of the fall colors which are magnificent this year thanks to all the generous rain we’ve had. The brilliance of color is outstanding.




I always notice something new and interesting when I walk the path, particularly, if I’m alone. I love walking and talking with my friend, but when I am solo, I have time to really look and see.


We are so fortunate to have this wonderful facility in our town. It gives the community a chance to stay healthy with a good walk, and enjoy nature while they’re at it. Along the way one might see ducks, geese, egrets, domestic pets–just a menagerie of wildlife! 


And maybe… a Halloween Kitty!


One thought on “Small Town USA and Halloween

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