10. Mom far left, out on the town with  girlfriends

I would hate to think, what my life would be like without girlfriends.

I put this picture of mom (far left) in my book, Corn Rose. Mom had several girlfriends growing up in her Italian neighborhood, and from the church she attended. They were a close knit group which stayed in touch even though their paths in life took them far from each other.

I recall mom writing letters, and receiving many from her friends. It’s what kept her going so far from her home state and city.

Girlfriends mean many things to me…a confidant, cheerleader, confessor, and just someone you can call up for no reason and say, “Hey whatcha doin’ today…feel like walking or getting a coke, check out a sale somewhere?”

Girlfriends mark the stages in one’s life. Some of my girlfriends go back to elementary school. We don’t live near each other, but when I make the trip home we try to arrange time for a lunch date or coffee. It’s like our conversations continue where we left it in third grade, after a high school party or sleepover.

Friends I’ve made during my early years as a wife and mother are special because we depended on each other for advice on parenting, babysitting, husbands, and work. They were there for me through cancer, knee surgery, and other life changing events. Just so they know…it was more than the hot soup, casseroles, and brownies they brought over. It’s that they cared!

Now that I’m retired, I have time to reconnect with many of my girlfriends.

Sadly, a few have departed…I miss them. Emails from one—I can’t bear to delete it.




So, girlfriends… a toast…to more laughter, tears, bodily-functions, recipes, and diets.

To, “Do these pants make my butt look fat?” “Where did you get that purse?” And, “You’re husband did, what?”

Let’s share more deserts, coffee, and wine.

You know who you are, girlfriend.



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