My Dad

40-Dad and Stan Army Caps

Three years ago today, we said goodbye to my Dad, Russell. I was there, along with my sister, Eileen and brother, Phillip, as he took his last breaths. This strong man who I thought would always live, and be there, was weak–struggling to inhale the air that seemed so heavy in those moments

As I looked at his face and held his hand, life with him flashed through my mind like a slide show. Christmases, hunting, doing chores, combining oats, playing cards, Gillette Friday night fights, Mel Tillis and Coca Cola Cowboy, Oyster soup, his pocket watch tucked in his Oshkosh overalls, that farmers tan… me on his lap. All the things that made him unique–made him, my dad, our dad.

He was always strong. At six foot-4, physically imposing. He wasn’t one to show emotion–to hug or kiss us. He’d throw an arm over our shoulder…that was his hug. We knew he cared and loved us.

We miss you terribly, Dad, but find joy in knowing you’re with your son, you missed so much.

One thought on “My Dad

  1. Great story sis….I chuckled as I read your thoughts from the past…you hit the nail on the head. Today, Oct 10 was his funeral three years ago, a time that seems sometimes years ago…then others just like it was yesterday. Isn’t time an amazing element of our lives?? As we have discussed numerous time, our parents raised all of us, but yet we are all different. I remember dad making the comment that a parent could have a dozen kids and they would all be different….I think we all understand that now with families of our own. He also wanted there to be “love” between his kids. As he grew up with 8 siblings, at times they were not always in “tune with each other” he hated that. That legacy is firmed planted within our 🙂 no worries there papa. Rest in peace dad, we loved you!


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