He’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaack



Every year, Jack O Lantern Man comes for a visit!


As long as I can remember Halloween has been a fun holiday for me. Of course I’ve passed that down to my kids and now grandchildren.

When I was still at home our mom always allowed us to get dressed up for Halloween. She’d cart us off go town, we’d meet up with our friends and collect sweet loot from the city folk.

It was a blast as we went door to door holding out our grubby little hands–everything from popcorn balls to pencils ,which we hated,  were plunked in our sacks. We always knew which houses had the best treats and which ones turned all their lights out so we wouldn’t stop there. “How mean is that?” We’d all complain. Never fear though…we collected enough sugary treats to rot every mouth in Mt. Pleasant!

Ah, those were the days, I could eat all the junk I wanted and never gained a pound.


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