Cats or Dogs

I love animals, especially cats and dogs—I have both. Dogs look into you with a longing focus that says, “I’ll follow you anywhere.” “Do anything.”  And do it all over again!”


Cats, on the other hand, look at you and seem to say, “Are you sure you want to stick your hand out there?” “I might lick it… but then again…maybe I’ll scratch it, instead.” “I’m not moving off this chair…you move!”


Dogs trust.

Cats suspect.

Dogs nuzzle.

Cats rub against you–walk off…like they did you a favor.

Dogs point.

Cat’s stalk.

Dogs attack, kill and eat— pronto.

Cats play, and torment their prey.

In the end,  pet owners are very specific and vehement about their choices. You’re either a cat lady or a dog person. Lady or person…I guess I’m both. They love me in their own way. A little like us humans.

4 thoughts on “Cats or Dogs

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    Who would of ever guessed all the love that Sage and Louie would bring us!!
    We are blessed to have them and Louie is REALLY blessed to have you for a neighbor that is the BEST BABYSITTER EVER!!!! thanks for everything you do


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