Different Methods

Old photos 007You may have guessed by now, that I love old photographs. I find them so fascinating, and they always tell a story. This one is of my dad and my grandmother. If you’re not sure what they are doing, I’ll tell you…it’s the two of them, grandpa looking on, working on a beef carcass.

I never saw my grandmother in anything but a dress and apron, which I might add, she made from feed and flour sacks. How she managed in that attire, I’ll never know, but she did. And that sunbonnet—she never went out in the sun without it!

You’re probably wondering about the sanitary conditions of the butchering site, as well. All I can say is… that’s the way they did it back then. I don’t recall ever getting sick from anything they prepared, or maybe I did and just thought it was the flu.

Things were much more primitive back then, as you can tell, but I’m glad I had the experiences that went along with rural farm life.

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