A Snippet From, Corn Rose

From time to time, I’ll post a little taste of Corn Rose to wet your appetite.

Rose grabbed her purse from the nightstand, slipped on a pair of
comfortable sandals, and rushed down the stairs towards the front door.
To her horror, Bess was slipping into the front seat of the car beside Jack.
Rose dropped her arms to her sides in a defeated posture.
What is she doing? If she has to go, can’t she at least sit in the back for
heaven’s sakes? Rose tried to think optimistically. Maybe she didn’t know I
was going. That’s it.
But when she got to the car and leaned in to question the seating
arrangement, Jack just smiled.
“Hop in!” he said. “Ma decided to go along. I didn’t think you’d mind.”
Mind! Rose thought. Mind! She tried to stay calm as she held on to
the doorframe, but she swore she caught a glimpse of satisfaction draw
across Bess’s face.
“Well, I just thought . . . you and I—”
“Come on, Rose, time’s a-wastin’,” Jack said cheerfully.
Rose wasn’t a cursing woman, but right now she felt like she could give
a sailor a run for his money. Seething, she jerked open the rear door and
climbed in the backseat, slamming it as hard as she could.

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