Hello Robin


This morning I was working in my office, checking email and other important stuff, when I heard an all too familiar thud—our patio window claimed yet another victim. I hurried to see if this one could be saved, mainly, before my sly cat could pounce. Mr. or Ms. Robin sat dazed and confused. I picked the poor thing up, stroked its little head and purred words of comfort—still nothing, but a glazed stare. He/she looked at me like, “Where am I… why don’t my wings work?”

After more stroking and, “You’re going to be okay,” he/she perched on my finger and maintained a stare, but now with a little more animation. I continued to talk, then looked around thinking…I’m talking to a bird!”

Finally this beautiful creature looked at me one last time as if to say, “I’ve heard enough,” then flew up into a tree.

I love nature; it has so much to say to us if we take the time to simply, listen.



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