Proud Mama

Although my mother was not wealthy, she was rich in so many ways. Her children were everything to her. As she often said, “My dividend for old age.”

We didn’t always please her, and she let us know it–in either Italian or English. There was no, “Let’s discuss this,” or “Don’t you think you could have made a better choice?” No, it was pretty much black and white as far as discipline was concerned. I’m not saying she always did the right thing, but she did the best she could.

In this picture I’m the one holding my baby sister, Eileen…isn’t she adorable?” And my handsome brother Stan.

When pictures were taken we usually had to put on our Sunday best, so naturally Sunday, on our way to church, was a good photo op. We’d squint in the sun and try to follow her directions about posing, smiling, and standing-up straight… ugh, it was torture!

But now, when I look at these old black and white photos, I’m glad she made us smile for the camera!


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