Honoring Veterans

Sullivan Brother's Iowa Military Wing.htmAfter I published, With Love Stan: I received a call from a man who said he was with the Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veteran’s Museum/Grout Museum, in Waterloo, Iowa. Bob Niemeyer, curator at the time for the museum’s new exhibits– mainly the Vietnam exhibit, wanted me/our family to consider donating artifacts for the new addition. He had seen article in the Des Moines Register about my book. He’d read, With Love Stan: and was impressed with the oral history and documentation of my  book and wondered if our family would consider donating and allowing the museum to feature my brother, Sp4 Stanley D. Ross in the Vietnam exhibit.

As a result, Stan was chosen. Many of his artifacts, letters, photographs, and 8mm films are featured in the exhibit. The grand opening and dedication of the new wing was held in November of 2008. Our family, along with many of the men who served with Stan in the 199th LIB 2/3 Charlie Co. were there to participate. Descendants of the Sullivan Brother’s, dignitaries and the Navy Band were all part of the ceremonies.

The following pictures, and articles are about the museum. The Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum is dedicated to all Iowa veterans and the conflicts they fought in from the Civil War through the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You don’t have to be from Iowa to appreciate the import of this exhibit.

Memories of a soldier.

Memories of a soldier.

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