Front Porch Sittin’

I’ve noticed the references to front porch sittin’ in many country songs.  A recent one that comes to mind is from an Allen Jackson tune, Where I Come From.

I did a lot of front porch sittin’ when I was a kid. It first started on my grandparent’s porch. Their house sat not far from a river bottom, and on hot sultry nights that’s where we all ended up. Without air-conditioning, it was better than sitting in a stuffy house, so it became a regular routine, after supper, that the family would gather on the front porch. Grandpa would light up his pipe or cigar—the smoke from it drifted over all of us–keeping the mosquitoes at bay. If I was lucky enough; I managed to get a seat on that coveted porch swing. The others would have to settle for one of the metal lawn chairs, straight back kitchen chair or a blanket out on the lawn.

With the adults as our captive audience, we youngsters would do crazy things to entertain them–standing on our heads, foot races, arm wrestling—anything to get their attention and praise.

At my parents home, the tradition continued. We’d sit on the front porch swing and enjoy the evening breeze, and watch the cars go by, talk about the activates of the day or what my mother overheard on our party line.

My point is…the family came together. That porch provided a time to reflect and connect with each other.

Today it’s probably the patio where families gather and enjoy a BBQ or a swim in the family pool.

Whatever the excuse… it’s a good thing when a family is drawn together on the front or back porch.


Now, I have my own porch swing!

7 thoughts on “Front Porch Sittin’

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  2. Kar,

    I love this picture of the front porch…… looks like home…. looks like YOU! comfy, easygoing and inviting!! Love you girl!! Di


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