Tribute To The Pompadour


When I was a girl, of ten or so, I began to look at my mother in a different light. She was not only the person who fed me, but she was someone who dressed up when she went to town, school functions or church. She was my first link to fashion. For some reason, mom’s hair always intrigued me. None of the other mothers wore their hair the way she did.

Great pains were taken to accomplish and style this coiffure–the Pompadour. Mom’s hair was jet black and long, so it took some time to complete the look. Once she had the top section of hair separated from the rest, she would tuck a thing called a rat at the base, then fold the hair over it securing all with bobby pins. Then she’d pin a flower or ribbon to the side. It was stunning, and I was mesmerized during the whole process.

Mom kept up this 40’s look for quite a while, but then… it all got to be too much and she traded it for a more modern, fifties do. I missed that beautiful hairdo. Mom’s raven hair and exotic looks, which were due to her Italian heritage, set our mother apart from the others. Mom was different, so I guess I felt that way too!

I wonder… will we ever bring the Pompadour back?

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