I’m often asked, “What inspired you to write, Corn Rose?” I often pick up Corn Rose or With Love Stan, and marvel that I did this. I was not an english or journalism major in college, I studied art and psychology. I taught the visual arts for thirty years in the public school system, so what made me think I could write a book?

Well, I think it goes back to sitting, crossed-leg on the floor, listening to adults tell stories about their experiences. Whether their tales were truth or fiction, was immaterial… I was hooked. I was always rummaging around grandma’s attic or mom’s storage room for nuggets of the past. Sometimes it was an old postcard from a faraway place or tattered valentine. Old pictures drew me in, and I’d wonder what the occasion prompted the photo. Walking through a cemetery– reading the old weathered tombstones was fascinating to me.

From those early days, I harbored a desire to tell a story. I always felt my Mother was a beautiful woman who was somehow displaced.  As in, Bridges of Madison County, mom was Italian– full of passion and dreams, much like Francesca. She would relate stories of her youth living in Los Angeles, California. Of course my mind would go to, “Did you see any movie stars?” To a child, it was fascinating and I would imagine that magical place when she’d talk about it. My extended family, as I mentioned in the introduction to Corn Rose, were colorful to say the least! I’m blessed to have had those kind of extremes in my life. It makes for many good stories.

In the end I love painting pictures through words.

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