With Love Stan:

My first book, With Love Stan:A Soldier’s Letters From Vietnam To The World, was something that surprised even me. As a result of that project and subsequent published book, I put to rest a lot of heartache and sadness that I had held inside for over 37 years.


My book is a compilation of my brother’s, Sp4, Stanley D Ross, letters home to my parents, to me and to other family members and friends. It also includes many photographs he took while on his tour in 1969, as well as reflections of the men who knew and served with him in the 199th LIB, 2/3 Charlie Co.

As a result of my writing Stan’s story, I was able to locate, interview, and meet in person those who were with my brother during those last moments of his life. When a loved one leaves for war, and comes home in a box, it leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions and worst of all, anger. There are things left unsaid, and regret that you didn’t take the time appreciate them more.

I hope, if you read Stan’s story, it will inspire you to heal and reach out to a veteran and say, “Thank you!”

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